Your Finances; Your Future


Medical and financial health often go hand in hand and navigating the medical and insurance world can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Delaware offers resources that should provide answers and guidance regarding your medical needs.

The agencies below offer resources that should help you find medical-related information.

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Connections Community Support Programs, Inc,
(833) 886-2277
3821 Lancaster Pike Wilmington, DE 19805
590 Naamans Rd, Claymont, DE 19073
For additional locations, please call the number above.

Connections Community Support Programs, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of health care, housing, and employment opportunities that help individuals and families to achieve their goals and enhance our communities. Connections is one of Delaware's largest nonprofits, collaborating with government, community, corporate, and other philanthropic partners to maximize services for our state's most vulnerable citizens. We operate in more than 100 separate locations in Delaware, and have recently expanded our services to the eastern shore of Maryland. We have more than 1,200 full-time employees who serve tens of thousands of Delawareans each year. We strive to ensure everyone has 24/7 access to quality health care and treatment for substance use and mental health disorders, while simultaneously aiding them in lifelong recovery, providing support services that will allow them to return to a stable and productive lifestyle.