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Asset Building

Asset building strategies that improve your financial and tangible assets are necessary for savings and long-term development of our fellow families and communities. It's important to not only work together as a family but as a community to create a better living environment for all new and future residents of our state.

There are plenty of classes offered for community improvement. If you're interested in signing your child up for after-school programs or want to enjoy a healthy meal with the family and learn shopping tips, there are plenty of classes made for you.

If you have a low-income family or need a little bit of urgent help, classes are available to provide emergency assistance with multiple necessities to survive such as food, rent, and utilities. If you are a non-custodial father, there is a program intended to assist your ability to provide for your children and strengthen your relationship with them. It provides access to parenting education, adult education, and more. With these programs and more, family improvement is easily accessible to you.

Finally, with all these programs that are designed to assist you, they can also provide you with strong economic well-being. Whether you are a first-time home buyer that needs help preparing, or you need tips to become better at grocery shopping on a budget, or you're unsure how to become financially literate, there are plenty of assets out there to help you improve for yourself and those you love.

With all of the available classes offered in different counties throughout the state of Delaware, there's bound to be some class we could all benefit from to improve our daily lives. With all of these open programs, you should feel confident knowing that there are places where you can learn and improve for your family and your community.

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