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If you or someone you know has a loved one who lives incarcerated, they may not be receiving proper medical care that they should be entitled to in prison. There are some immediate options that you can take. For example, you should contact the healthcare provider at the prison directly so you can bring all of your loved one's medical problems to the prison's attention. Luckily, in some cases, a correctional facility will allow for a doctor to visit their patients when they have medical needs. A Second Chance Re-entry Program is intended to provide case management services to incarcerated individuals that are 6-12 months away to their release. Therefore, this program ensures your incarcerated family member stays healthy.

The La Casita Outreach has become a huge component of the diverse non-English speaking community for over 20 years. It offers quite a few medical services to the community. The program offers services for completing applications for various types of benefits including Medicaid coverage and food stamps. Keep in mind, La Casita services are intended for low-income individuals and families. Also, The Grant Diversion Program provides plenty of one-time assistance for services and products. They also include medical expenses not covered by Medicaid. For example, eyeglasses are covered within the program.

The Emergency Services and Food Pantry class is a great way to get emergency assistance and medical care with various necessities like medicine, prescriptions, and food. The goal of this entire class is to help stabilize families as well as to prevent an emergency medical crisis by keeping those with low income, healthy and safe. Some programs even offer assistance to reroute away from TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits. Emergency services are also provided to who can't afford medical prescriptions for conditions that they may have. They can also provide other services like emergency food, shelter locations, and others.

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“A Second Chance” Re-entry Program
Comprehensive case management services are provided to incarcerated individuals 6-12 month...
Emergency Services and Food Pantry
Offers limited Emergency assistance with food, rent, utilities, evictions, medical, and pr...
La Casita Outreach
Provides the non-English speaking community with life skills assistance
The Grant Diversion Program
The Grant Diversion Program provides one-time assistance, up to $1,500 annually, to divert...
The Money School
The Money School offers FREE financial education classes and financial literacy resources ...